NEW BOOK REVIEW: Project, Programme and Portfolio Governance (P3G) by Dr. Saadi Adra


“I liked the book because it is an excellent reference on governance, addressing topics that are not very much available around, including focus on Sponsor, Committee, Roles, and how governance differs from management.”

“I think the 10 governance principles described in the book are an all inclusive checklist that should be referred to and checked for every investment to assess the missing components of governance, which usually impact success.”

“In fact I have applied most of the principles on different engagements, but to apply all of them on a single engagement makes quite a difference. They all stem from practical experience, good practices and understanding the non-project management activities by higher position to support project success.”

“This book is the missing piece of the puzzle that integrates project management, program management, portfolio management, and managing benefits with focus on the components that all these disciplines depend upon, yet is lightly or vaguely addressed: The critical and impeccable role of the Sponsor, be it at the project or program levels, including the respective governance boards, selection of members, and their roles. This is an organizational standard in that the portfolio governance aspect is defined properly, linking all other disciplines together.
I also like the focus on case studies, which is quite helpful to understand the concepts.”

“A cherry on top of the pie, the standard is the body of knowledge required to study and earn P3GP, which is a sound certificate for those interested in taking governance more seriously, and validating their proper understanding and good analytical skills to develop governance solutions.”

Reviewer: Dr. Saadi Adra

Winner of Global PMO Influencer 2022 Award  & PMI Snyder Award Winner 2016

Helping Organizations in Strategy Implementation, Governance, Managing Benefits, Portfolio Management and Integration 


Project, Programme and Portfolio Governance (P3G) E-Book


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Author:Ross Garland and Adrian Morey
Publisher: TSO (The Stationery Office)

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